Sunday, April 12, 2009

Captivating Cappedocia Part II

Cappedocia is made of interesting rock formations, which are really volcanic ash. At some point, the earth must have erupted (the Flood) and spewed lava, which hardened into rock. At that same time, a massive force (the water) carved it into canyons and the fascinating formations all over the towns in that region. Of course, that is just the humble opinion of someone who believes the Bible. We have never done a hot air balloon tour, but that is a popular way to see the region. Mary Erin took this photo one morning.
These are pensions and homes in the town.
The thing we love to do there is hike. Every hiker needs a good hiking stick.
Goats and sheep run free all over the town.
The first day there, the three big girls went on a hiking adventure with their Papa while I stayed back to let the little ones sleep. You can see one of the interesting rock formations in the background. When the ash settled, it left little 'caps' on top of the rock. In Cappedocia, they call them fairy chimneys.

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Melanie Keffer said...

Sara, you need to write a book. Can't wait for Part III. Hope there is a IV and V. [grin]

Isn't that interesting about the rock formations? That looks like a place where time has stood still.


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