Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Merry Christmas from the 2018 Oasis Staff and Final Week of 2017 School

We rounded out the year with a fun staff Christmas party!

The last week before break was oh, so busy! But a few of us found a few minutes to get dinner together before we all head our separate ways for the holidays! (One to a cruise around Europe, one to Korea, me to Spain, and one to the USA)

We made it through our last Monday-Thursday of classes, which seemed like the longest week ever, especially when Firstborn was texting that she was packed...ready...finished exams....the only one left in the dorm, etc.....when would this week ever end?
CC and I worked late Thursday night, then locked up and called it a day. We were set to leave for the airport at 4AM to take our kids and meet our girl in Spain for the break!

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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas! Crying with joy for your family, as I read this post!

Enjoy your family time.

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