Friday, December 22, 2017

España Experience: Fireside Nearness, Friendly Notes, and First Noel

The houses in Spain are generally not heated centrally, so it gets chilly! We were told to feel free to build a fire as needed, so CC has built us some fires in the morning. At night, we curl up under down comforters and snuggle with the nearest person. We do not have a Christmas tree here, so we turned on a little light-up birch we found in the house as our tree this year.

Sunday morning came, so we walked to the neighborhood church where our friends attend. We loved the service! It was mostly Spanish and clearly presented the truth of Christmas to those in attendance. It was festive and fun with so much music.

We've found it is warmest outside in the back yard in the afternoon. Big Ben accidentally kicked his soccer ball over the fence to the neighbor's yard. It was a high fence with a very big and old dog guarding it. So, Miss Middler wrote this little note. "I'm sorry, but my brother's ball is in your yard. We are guests in House 125B." Later that night, they threw our ball back while we were out! !Qué Bueno!"

That night, CC and I went out for a walk. Each little neighborhood has life-sized nativities set up.

On our friend's street is a little neighborhood church that was established before America became a country. A lady was unlocking the door, so I lingered to see if I could peek inside.

My lingering was rewarded! Inside was an entire room set up as a miniature nativity story. I loved that the gardens in Bethlehem were growing chilis and cactus plants!

It had the entire story, even when the Roman soldiers came to kill the baby boy infants.

I want to take my children back to see it this week. It seems that in Spain, Christmas is more about the First Noel.

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Unknown said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas posts. I just wish America would be all about the First Noel, as well.

Merry Christmas with love and prayers from KY.

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