Saturday, December 16, 2017

Germany Getaway: Dusseldorf's Ferris Wheel

We decided to all ride together the next day, just at sunset. We carefully strategized our spot in line so that we could all get in a car together. We were excited, but had no idea what a treat it would be!

Up up up we went!

It was the perfect time to go. It was still light enough to see everything, but such a beautiful setting sun. The sun set at 4:30!

Turning back around, the city looked like a tiny Christmas village.

Honestly, my favorite sight was right here...getting to see my little girl all grown up and enjoying this big adventure.

Isn't it beautiful?!

Isn't she precious? This smile is worth every penny I saved to do this!

After three turns on the big Ferris wheel, we were done.

We had spotted a beautiful old church while up on our ride, so we walked over to see it when we got off. It was the Basilica of St. Lambertus, a medieval Catholic Church. The sculptures were beautiful. We noted that of the criminals on the cross, one would look away and one would look to Jesus. May we always look to Him!

We ended our evening with dinner out in honor of Twinkle's birthday! We decided a German traditional meal was most fitting.

Then we walked back through the town to get to our hotel.

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