Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Germany Getaway: Our Trip There

The older I get, and the older my kids get, the more I'd rather spend my pennies on time together rather than gifts. A perk of living overseas is that we can travel to other countries at a fraction of the cost of even flying across America. I want to take each one of them on a short trip with me. My trip to Moscow a couple of years ago with Firstborn was a highlight. We still talk about it! I did that when she was 17. So, I decided for Twinkle Toes that I would make that her 17th birthday gift. I shopped around for cheap flights and lodging and put together a little travel group.

Right after our Thanksgiving lunch, we headed to the airport. Our main agenda was: having fun, being together, and seeing Christmas markets!

The best flight price we found with a market open that weekend was Dusseldorf, Germany. We flew to Istanbul first. Here's a shot of Istanbul from the air at night. Do you see the red bridge?

We got in late and slept so well in our cozy room. The next morning, we walked to town.

My kids bless me with their gratitude. Twinkle loved every minute of this trip. I did too!

It was wonderful to be in a place, even for a weekend, that celebrates Christmas.

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