Thursday, December 21, 2017

España Experience: First Morning (Buying Food!)

After a long flight for Firstborn and a 3AM rising for the rest of us, we slept well that night. I quickly assigned rooms...we took the master, the middle girls took the pull out couch, and the little ones would share a room with Firstborn, alternating who got to sleep in her bed every other night.

The sun rose about 8:30AM and we headed out to walk to the grocery story I had seen on the way in. We were just so taken with the beauty. Mountains, chilly air, palm trees, houses. We would have met her anywhere, but God had given us a place of beauty to enjoy.

My oldest two girls took Turkish, but this one, Miss Middler, takes Spanish. And she's good at it. Her teacher tells me she's blown away by how good she is at learning the language. I took Spanish many, many years ago and loved it (and had a good teacher!) Between my memory of words and reading/listening and her (more current) ability to speak it, we've managed fine. We stopped at the bakery counter and she said, "Ok, what do you want. I'll order." ¡Qué Bueno!

We are folks that just aren't hard to entertain/please. Just the grocery store was a treat for us. We decide while in Spain, we are buying foods not found in Turkey. So that means...tropical fruits, ham, good cheeses, and granola cereal for CC. Middler promised to fry us some plantain, something her Spanish teacher had done with them. As I bought papayas and mangoes and pomelos, I told the girls, "You ate this all the time in Singapore! You just don't remember!"

We came back home to fix this nice, first-morning breakfast. There are orange trees everywhere, so much so that every time we walk down the streets, we pick up strays that have fallen off trees.

Our friends mentioned stores called "China" (Chee-nah) which are cheap and unregulated, sell-everything type stores...a little like a Dollar Tree, but even more. We headed out after breakfast to check one out. Did I mention we are not hard to please? We had so much fun in there! We found Christmas gift bags, Spanish Christmas ornaments, a hard-shell glasses case for CC. When things get too quiet around here, someone says, "Let's head to China."

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