Saturday, December 23, 2017

España Experience: Downtown

We've found a nice balance of some days going to see things and some days staying at home. Yesterday I found the girls happily watercolor painting scenes of Spain on the back porch. We are trying to keep this trip low key enough to allow CC to work some, have plenty of rest and down time, and yet take advantage of seeing this beautiful region of the country since we are here.

One day we drove to downtown Málaga to see the Picasso Museum, which we heard was free for kids. Málaga was his birthplace. We were not allowed to take pictures inside, but after viewing so many of his works, we decided his early works (those prior to the cubism which made him famous) were, in our opinion, more impressive. Big Ben also had an opinion that he sure liked to paint unclothed women in weird shapes. We had to remind him to stop giggling, but in reality, some of the works were giggle-worthy.

We walked for just a few minutes in the downtown area and saw the Cathedral of Málaga on the outside. It was beautiful.

I shot this picture with a setting that only picks up the red. I have been amazed at all the poinsettias everywhere! There is a poinsettia "tree" on our street! I never knew that plant could grow into an enormous tree. I'll snap a picture for you.
And tomorrow will be Christmas Day!

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Tara G. said...

I know it would have been so special to have had Christmas at "home," but I'm rejoicing that you are somewhere surrounded by such beautiful reminders of the Christ. Hoping all of you get filled up and encouraged in so many ways! Merry Christmas! !!

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