Monday, July 31, 2017

The Start of a Big Weekend

Our time in the US just flies, it really does. It's so much fun to get to soak it all in and be with people we hold so dear. For our last weekend all together here and our last weekend to own that lake house, we decided to head up for one last big family get together (and time to pack what was to be kept).

This little doll joined our extended family in June of last year. She's been a lot of fun this summer, as she's started walking. She's wearing a little dress I bought for her oldest sister in Singapore 16 years ago! 

These boys have played non-stop. No fussing, no tattling, no idea where they are. Big Ben's dinner decisions are based on what he can fix and eat the fastest so he can get back to them. (PBJ usually)

We all got to go see the oldest Fish cousin play a football scrimmage on Friday night before we drove to the lake. 

These two used to be the oldest and youngest cousins, as so had a special bond. Even though the birth order has changed; their friendship remains. 

We stuck kids everywhere and headed out for the drive! 

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