Monday, July 17, 2017

Foot Rubs and Freckles

CC and Firstborn headed down to college orientation. She was set to sign up for her classes, meet folks, learn a few basics about life there as a freshmen. We decided he would go and that this would be his "drop off" with her. I'm taking her when she actually starts, as he will be back in Turkey. But he needed to go and see his firstborn baby in her new world.

My older girls slept at the cousins' house. So, I brought the turks back with me. The whole ride home they were trying to convince me to let them sleep with me. It's a full-size bed. And there's three of us! I kept telling them how much better they would sleep in their own beds.

Then we got home, and Sweet Cheeks offered me a foot rub.

It's the foot rubs and the freckles that get me every time. Those freckles are harder to resist in the summer. 

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