Friday, July 21, 2017

Sweet Cheek's 12th Birthday: part 1

We celebrated Sweet Cheek's birthday with our Memphis family at Putt Putt. That place has been around forever! 

It's pretty amazing when you can make up a party of eight with just siblings and cousins! 

Sweet Cheeks opened her gift from Aunt Boo and Uncle D. They gave her baking supplies. She was so excited to get it! Sprinkles, fancy measuring spoons, measuring cups. She is all set to bake when we get back. 

We were rained out that night so we didn't get to do go karts or water bumper boats. She had a great attitude about it. We got extra video game credits. She and I hit the skee ball game! 

She did the ropes course for the first time. 

And so did this guy! 

Maybe since CC enjoyed this motorcycle game so much, he'll be more inclined to get me that motorcycle I want for Mother's Day. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday SC!!

Sara, do you really want a motorcycle? Oh. We have become a Harley Davidson family just this last year. Not by my choice but I am not going to sit back and be left out. So, we are looking at next spring for David and I to get our "ride." The one we have belongs to one of our sons. We are all taking safety courses, etc. I must admit they are having a blast with it. I told Matt that his motorcycle is ensuring my relationship with God is a close one. Ha.


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