Thursday, July 6, 2017

Camp 2017: Part 2

The week ended with lots of fun, like dance parties....

...and Uno games during the rainy afternoon...

.....and a swim competition between camp teams (Big Ben got to ride horseback with his buddy who was the reigning tetherball champion. If ever we wanted to know where Big Ben was, we needed to look only at the tetherball.) 

The "no rules" raft race left me speechless. Big Ben was one of the youngest campers, but one of only a few swimmers on his team. That left him signed up for several swimming events in the competition. The final event was a raft race where the two team members could do anything they wanted to win. When they took off, his buddy started pushing the raft toward the finish line. Big Ben took off in the other direction to sabotage the other raft. Someone must have had a strategy meeting before the event, because it worked like a charm. I kept watching to be sure he wasn't dunked for too long, but his little brown head would pop back up and tug the competitors raft backwards once again. They won by a long shot. 

Twinkle, the kid magnet. 

Big Ben's cabin mates. 

Our final night was a bonfire service. 

What a great week, with many new friendships acquired. 

Here is a family shot with an awesome director and his family. 

And so we made the quick drive down to Memphis, with one stop for Sonic drinks. This little guy, which the kids named Trooper, survived the trip on the outside of the car. (This looks like a Toyota ad of some kind!) 

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