Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cousin Dinner

We went as families out to dinner to celebrate getting to be together once again. My sis-in-law arranged a table for 8 and one for 4. You know what that meant! Kid table! They had a blast, but we had to laugh that the waitress, in spite of this being an upscale place, gave them all lidded cups! 

Uncle D ordered them some desserts to split. Though this was a re-enactment, it was actually what we saw 1 minute earlier. 

Big Ben absolutely loves his role of being the youngest. He hangs on his older boy cousin and keeps all those girls entertained. This night he got a hold of a pair of "tiny hands," and thoroughly enjoyed entertaining his table. 

The beautiful cousins. I'm so proud of them all. Can you find a tiny hand? 

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