Friday, July 28, 2017

Mules, Cat Eyes, and Connections (aka keeping you posted with random pictures)

The kids have been zipping around in this mule, which is like a heavy-duty golf cart. It's great driving practice for them, and when I need a tomato from my sister-in-law, I can get it fast with a mule and a kid behind the wheel! These things are always zipping back and forth between houses. It's funny because if I need a kid to come back home, there's always a volunteer to drive to go get them. 

So, our time is clicking. CC and the 4 kids head back in about a week. I have a bit longer, but it will be filled with packing, driving, and dropping my girl at college. CC and I are starting to run all those last minute errands. Some new glasses for me was on my priority list for the summer. I had not had my eyes checked in a few years, and I knew I was struggling more to see. According to my exam, my astigmatism is not the only issue. I am nearsighted primarily, but I'm also starting to struggle with reading up close. I giggled at one of the lines he asked me to read. Why that was funny to me, I don't know. But I knew I flat out failed it. So, he suggested it was time to go to bifocals! I'm getting old! I will say that bifocals today, as progressive lenses, don't quite have the like the strict, mean librarian look. I was going for classy and fun. Actually, I was going for whatever Firstborn helped me find because my eyes were so dilated, I could hardly see! She kept looking at me and saying, "Oh, Mama, I'm sorry. It's sad to see your eyes like that." And then I would look at her and say, "Meow." ha ha. We had a ball. We took picture after picture and texted them to CC. He loves a good analyzation project, so he gave us good feedback for eliminating. I finally found 2 frames. Then the guy told me one pair was too small to make progressives, so back to the blind-as-a-bat search for more. I finally came up with these as my favorite pair. In the past, I've worn my glasses off and on, but I think I will be wearing them more often now, as I've noticed more fuzzies, headaches, and bloodshot eyes on occasion. CC told me I rocked them, so we turned them in and will get the new glasses next week. 

The rest of the afternoon was delightful. We drove into the town square and met L for ice cream. She had a graduation gift for Firstborn, and we crammed a few weeks worth of talking into an hour. I love a friend like that. We handed out hugs (she refuses to say bye to Firstborn, as the Turkey/Tennessee connection will be strong for seeing each other), and headed back home. 


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the remainder of summer! I love how you all make the most of it!

Anonymous said...

Summer always goes by too fast. I loved it when my kids were out of school. I looked forward to all the cooking I would do and the adventures I knew they would have. I miss them being young . . . which means it is time for me to be a grandmother. Ha. .

My kids are all in their 20's with one 30 year old. I see all I taught them and didn't realize how literal they would take me! I was thinking of how much mothers shape their kids and how your kids are a reflection of you as well . . . Thinking of how sweet ME is. In my kids I see their steely back bones, their spit-in-your-eye attitude and how they stand up to the wind and dare it to blow. Even my very gentle Kathleen is a product of "look them in the eye" teaching. What in the world was I thinking????? Hahaha I wanted them to face life head-on and they do. As your children get older I see the influence of their gentle and sweet mother also. It is so true, "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." Mothers can make or break their children.

It's obvious I'm still sitting with that proverbial cup of coffee chit-chatting about our children. :) As always, I love reading your thoughts and the snippets of life you share.

God bless you Sara.

Much love,
Melanie and Family

Sara Campbell said...

Tammy, I will certainly pray. Leaving for the first time overseas, I would say, was one of the hardest times in my life. After 20 years overseas, I can just say that as hard as it was, I wouldn't change anything. To be exactly where He wants us has given us a life full of blessing. He has met me on every turn. I friended your friend on Instagram! Mel, your comment made me cry. I think of all the long days with 3 babies at once and how my life became not my own anymore when that happened. I am overwhelmed at how blessed I am with those kids and what God is making of their lives. I'm glad I've been able to keep up on this blog this summer (unusual for me as you know) b/c I am going to post when I take her to college and need your prayers! (I've always told ME if she ever got kidnapped, they'd have her back on our doorstep in a day, she'd be so hard nosed!) Love you ladies! Thanks for reading and supporting me.

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for you Sara. YES! I did notice the blogs this summer. For whatever purpose they serve in recording your memories, they are certainly enjoyed by your readers. I think I've told you before that I read your blog like a favorite novel.

You are bringing back major memories! You know of course, ME can call on us as well as the hundreds of other people you know in Mississippi and Tennessee. But, I wanted to mention we, too, are on the list should she need anything. I'm serious about that.

That hard-nosedness will serve ME well, I am thinking. :)

Take care and don't cry too much. Ahhhhhh!


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