Monday, July 24, 2017


The cousins all went to a Redbirds game together, just as our time was winding down in Memphis. Firstborn said that her little brother couldn't stop talking about "catching a ball" at the baseball game. She knew it was just highly unlikely to happen, but she prayed that God would somehow let him catch a ball. 

And my goodness, he did. The ball went out (though they were WAY far from where the balls were being hit), hit a chair, bounced back in, then Big Ben raised his hands and the ball player tossed it to him. I'm sure that guy will never know how much he made our day. I got this picture via text and couldn't stop smiling. 

The kids had a fabulous time. These cousins are so special to us. 

And while all this was happening, the parents went out to dinner. We don't really even think about where anymore. It's sushi. Why change a good thing? I love them so much. They have treated me like a sister, not just a sister-in-law. "Dinner Out" means our time is winding down, which makes me a little sad, but we had plenty of laughs in spite of it, especially while getting a Starbucks drink in a ritzy part of town and discovering a small cockroach invasion in the joint!

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