Monday, September 5, 2016

The 2016 Flight Over the Pond

Whew, a few days later, the kids and I boarded the plane to the USA. We also flew with a friend's daughter. I think the hardest years of flying were when they were all in elementary school. They are all awesome travelors, but just seemed needier in those years.  (I have a mental picture of standing in line for my entrance to Turkey, alone without hubs, not realizing my tourist visa had expired, 3 "babies" exhausted after the long flight and all wanting me to hold them and all crying. And I was crying!) It's a breeze now. Well, except for 24 hours of flying, 7 passports, 7 residence permits, buses and trams to get through the airports, security checks which are heightened for us due to where we fly, and running to a gate when a flight lands late. Never mind. It's not a breeze.

I snapped this in Istanbul. They saw me just after and called me a stalker.

Firstborn always finds us the free wifi. And man we can nurse a drink for an hour to get free wifi! 

Sweet Twinkle drew a map of Turkey with verses surrounding it. Little did she know the very next week that very airport would be bombed. I find this picture very comforting. Indeed, He is our strength. 

I planted myself between the two Turks on the long flight. There are many reasons for this, NOT the least of which is those little plastic cups of Coke they set on your tray ending up in someone's lap if the Cup Police did not sit herself there. We have also come up with a sleeping scenario where the three of us turn these three seats into a bed. Somehow my feet get elevated and I can doze off, kids' body parts all over me. It's a good set up. Just stay little, kids. 

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