Friday, September 2, 2016

Graduation 2016

Our final school event in this dear, old campus was Graduation 2016. I usually slip in to the back row, but apparently one of the key speakers saved me a seat up front with him. 

And.....whew. It happened. We knew this event would be the kickoff for us as parents that, "This is it. It's her turn." The juniors begin the ceremony with a candlelight entrance and introduction as the next graduating class. And there she was, in her black and white, walking so proudly. CC gripped my knee. It was a death grip. It's here. 

The seniors graduated beautifully. And I looked up, one last time, to capture that place which will forever be in my heart. Our atrium, a room that has housed our plays, our concerts, our pep rallies, our pies-in-the-face of administrators, our 3-legged races, Ravi Zacharias (once), Eagle Scout ceremonies, awards days, graduations, and so much more, this night full of people with flags from 58 countries flying above us. Thank you, Lord, for this place. 

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