Friday, September 30, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Let the De-stressing Begin!

We literally had no agenda, and as such, the stress of the previous week began to melt. We had a tiny balcony with a beautiful street surrounding us. Directly behind us was an ancient church-turned-mosque.

The little old lady across the street lined her rock wall with eclectic plant containers. She had a toilet, boots donned with bows and stick-on eyes and smiles, an old vacuum. It was adorable. She got out and tended to them each morning. No one walked down our street without stopping to take a photo of it.

We hit the beach after we got settled in. It.was.cold.

And it was different. We've traveled to the Mediterranean Sea coast many times. It's very Turkish and European. This was very Turkish. Only. Hence, we saw many women swimming in full body coverings.

Sweet Cheeks was content to make sand castles for as long as we stayed.

We found a restaurant with the prices on the menu. And the prices looked ok. So, we ate there. And as we always do, once we find a good restaurant with good prices on the menu, on vacation, we eat there every single night. This embarrasses our children to no end. Because of course, we are always recognized as foreigners, so they greet us with, "You're back!" They said all kinds of things about us, like "They must be from Germany." and, "No, I think it's Russia." and, "Are all those kids theirs?" and, "The foreigners are back." And of course, my older girls can understand them now. It's fun. Well, it's fun for CC and me. We think it's funny.

The sunset over the Sea was beautiful!

I like this picture. I like to see CC smile. He'd had a rough few weeks.

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Tara G. said...

Your girls get prettier all the time and where did your little guy's round cheeks go?!

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