Sunday, September 18, 2016

Summer 2016: Memphis Fun

It was so wonderful to get back down to Memphis with CC this time! My inlaws surprised me with singing happy birthday and a cake all because I normally celebrate our (CC's and my) birthday alone when he is in the US for recruiting. Red Velvet is my favorite! 

CC's parents went all out and served us a beautiful meal with all the Southern fixins. 

Last summer, our 3 guys (Big Ben, CC, and his dad) survived a canoe trip in Arkansas which included all of the following: experiencing a canoe turnover in unusually strong rapids, hanging onto an fallen tree, swimming under that tree to his (Big Ben's) papa could pull him out, losing everything in the canoe except the Chips Ahoy (!), hiking through dense forest for hours, being miraculously picked up by a passer-by. It was a testimony of God's providential hand in so many ways. But it did shake our little guy up a bit. He made it very clear that he wasn't "into" canoeing after that. Still, his papa wanted him to overcome his fear. So this year, they planned a 1 day canoe trip. This picture was taken that morning. He was scared to go. We helped him pray and talk through his fears. 

And he did it! He had a great time and even spotted a copperhead on the river. 

The cousins enjoyed some hangout time. It was really fun to see them find new things to do now that they are older. They got to ride bikes to a restaurant together. 

And we went out for our traditional dinner, always sushi! 

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