Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Summer 2016: Back of the Truck Memory

CC flew in, just on the heels of the news of the Istanbul airport bombing. Our hearts were heavy; it seemed something brewed. Little did we know what was yet to come in his heart-heavy summer of 2016 in Turkey.

One night after helping my folks, we loaded them up in the back of the pick-up truck and drove to get ice cream. Silly, but this picture represents one of my favorite memories of summer. We schedule events and plan for memory-making, but it's usually the small things that I end up liking best. This was one. 

Big Ben got sort of "countrified" this summer. We noticed him noticing the big boys who helped my folks move. They wore jeans and cowboy boots all summer. He wanted cowboy boots. He also decided this night to spit out of the back of the truck. He just didn't factor the wind. I normally don't get my camera at just the right place and time. But I did here. 
At some point in this ride, we began singing the national anthem. Loudly. I love this memory! Do you have a favorite from the summer, something simple and unplanned? 

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