Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer 2016: Memphis Mix

We enjoyed dinner with our Campbell grands. What a blessing to have family on both sides who love our kids and love Jesus. 

Those burgers are making me hungry! And it's 6:45AM! 

Though my first week in Memphis was short, I packed in a lot. One highlight was having my college buddies drive over for a night to hang out. 

I also snuck away for a quick lunch with S, my friend since 8th grade! 

And my sister-in-law, so talented at organizing events, put together a quick catch-up dinner for the team who came to Turkey last fall to see us. 

And another surprise for me! My twin cousins, talented/beautiful/kind/amazing, drove down to Memphis from Nashville to perform at a benefit concert for adoption at our church. I had a front row seat watching my former matrons-of-honor! They are precious. 

One of my nephew's games was at our former high school. This was the place CC and I both walked, crossing paths for 2 years when he was a junior and senior, and I was a 7th/8th grader. Little did I know he would one day be my soulmate. 

It was truly a great week. It was busy with events and face-to-face time here and there, but I needed that. 

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