Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer 2016: Heading South/Camp Drop Off

One of the first, most important items of business was meeting my newly adopted niece, just a few weeks old in this picture. MQ stole all of our hearts. So sweet to have a baby around again.

Just a few days after landing, we headed south to Memphis, and then camp.

This year, Firstborn and Twinkle were camp workers. Sweet Cheeks was my only camper. She has admitted to me that one year she cried a tiny bit each night, but just didn't tell anyone. There is nothing that squeezes my heart like that more. But it's good for them. One day they will fly. One day a week at camp will become a semester in college. Learning to trust God when we are lonely is a lesson. But oh, how much I love her!

Unlike any other girl on the face of planet Earth, she was THRILLED to find out her biggest sister and her roomie would be one of her cabin counselors. She was ecstatic! Love them.

Twinkle and her cousin worked their tails off. Up at the crack of dawn and working til late at night, they served well! They loved getting to do this together. We are so very blessed to have cousins that fill our summer memories.

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