Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer: Nashville to Start

We started our summer in Nashville, though it was only 2 days until we drove further south! It was such a joy to be greeted by grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles. The next morning, we drove out to the construction site where my (extremely talented and hard-working) brother was building a home for himself and another one next door for my parents (on 40 acres). These are pictures of the not quite finished homes. 

This is legal in Tennessee! It's why everyone wants to live here, I am sure. (This is the friend's daughter who flew with us and stayed briefly before her grandparents came to pick her up. She's a sweetie!) 

And so we hit the road to see the Campbell side and to go to camp. It wasn't quite lunch yet, but Cracker Barrel seemed a good resting spot. Since it wasn't even 11AM, I suggested we stop and just share a few plates of food, go to the restroom, and get back on the road. Um, they took one look at that menu, each ordered full plates of Southern food, and ate every last bite. Country ham, biscuits, fried fish. And there I was with my garden salad, watching it unfold. Who can blame them? It's been 10 months! 

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