Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer 2016: Meanwhile, Back in Memphis

After we dropped the kids off at camp, we had a great week back in Memphis with just 3 of the cousins together. We got to see my nephew's basketball games!

And we drove to a safari park outside Jackson. It was amazing! We didn't fully know what to expect. Would the animals be active? Would they be hungry? Oh my.

They were active. They were hungry. It felt a bit like Jurassic Park! Can you believe this photo?! 

Big Ben can become a bit obsessive sometimes. He got in his mind that the "buffalo" (really, bison) were the prize. He couldn't wait to get to the buffalo. He was saving all his food for the buffalo. How far away are the buffalo, mama? And then we got to the "buffalo." 

And the "buffalo" put his massive head into our car window, just wanting a little treat. He slung his buffalo boogers everywhere and buried his massive hairy head in our food bucket. You can see Big Ben's reaction. This is probably my favorite summer picture! He could not get to the back seat fast enough! Poor bison can't help his head size and boogers. He just wanted some munchies! 

This park is HIGHLY recommended! Just hang on to your buckets, folks. They are active. They are hungry.

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Dotsy said...

I shared this with my grandson, Owen, and the bison boogers was his favorite part. Of course, with his gag reflex he probably would have headed to the back seat himself!

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