Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Black Sea Break 2016: Getting There and Our Hitchhiker

Just on the heels of our approvals for school to open, and the emotional and mental relief that all of that was behind us, we had a Turkish holiday ahead of us. We waited until the very last minute to plan something, unsure of what would happen with the school. This year, we are really trying to focus our time on, "What do you want to do, this last year, with all 7 of us still together?" The kids unanimously wanted to drive to the Black Sea. The last time we went there, Firstborn learned to tie her shoes, and Miss Middler still used a pacifier. It was time! And it's a relatively easy drive and holiday to plan.

We loaded up. Our driver, intent on studying google maps, did not want to be part of our launching photo. :) But we love our driver who gets us everywhere we need to be!

The drive is beautiful! As soon as you get out of the city, the land is just covered with trees. Consequently, we see logging trucks, logging towns, and log houses. These little villages, tucked away by themselves, never cease to pull on my heart.

They are always clustered together with a local mosque.

After our turnoff from the big highway, we passed a little old man with his thumb stuck out. I just had that feeling, "Stop for him." I mentioned it to CC, who had the same thought. We backed up on our highway. Yes, that's done here. CC got out to talk to him and find out where he needed to go. It was right on our way.

He got in the car, then looked at me, then looked at the kids. Then he did it all again. Then he asked if they were all mine. "Yes, sir." I replied. He took it upon himself to advise CC multiple times about how to get to the Black Sea. He also told CC where to slow down for mountain curves. He rode with us about a half hour before we got to his village. Firstborn asked him if we could take his picture. He happily obliged, just after patting my head like I was 5 years old. He told us if we ever came back, to come have tea with him. We told him to have a happy holiday and that Jesus loves him.

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