Thursday, September 30, 2010

What is it?

Me: Girls, what exactly is this?
Middlers: Oh, mommy, can't you tell? It's for our Littlest Pet Shop animals.
Me: Oh, you made them a house.
Middlers: No, a disco.

Of course, see the light bulb they scavenged from the trash and painted orange/blue/yellow/red? Would that be a strobe light? And don't you see the tile dance floor, taken from the falling tiles off our building? How do they know what a disco is? And how long should I keep this?
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Deena said...

Fun! I love the last question. When you find out the answer to how long do I have to keep this, please let me know. We always have something -- rockets, castles, a cat cafe, a parking garage, cars, scenery for ballet performances etc. Many, many things have been thrown away, but other projects are just waiting until time is up!

Shannon said...

This is SO me! I was always making something, several times out of old boxes.

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