Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Surprise Visit

I had a friend call and say she needed to stop by to show me something. She turned up with THIS!
Pure puppy cuteness! When Big Ben saw him, he patted his own chest and said, "Ma! Ma!" which in Benaiah-ese means, "Mine!"
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Anonymous said...

I don't know how you didn't rush out and buy a puppie for Ben after all that. :)

Don't you just love children and animals together?

Hope all of you are having a good weekend. I guess your little man is king of the roost this weekend, as he should be. I can just picture the scene around your house.

We took Maverick to Steak-n-Shake (his favorite place) and bowling (also a favorite). Tomorrow I am making Cheeseburger Soup for him (another fav).

We've also got garconship going but two of the garcons (his sisters) are missing so Matt has that show all to himself. We are laughing at Matt because he is running around waiting on Maverick, who remembers Matt's birthdays and therefore shows no mercy. :)


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