Friday, September 3, 2010

Open House

Tonight, CC and I went to our school's Open House. It is the one time of the entire year that we totally take off our Administrative and Teacher Hats and put on our Parent Hats. We go to the girls' classrooms, listen to the teachers talk about how things run in their classroom, see the walls that surround our children each day as they learn. We love it!

Tonight each teacher gave a great talk. Firstborn's teacher talked about how much easier it was for her to talk to sixth graders than adults! She is fun, fun, fun and Firstborn loves her.

Twinkle Toes' teacher told us she had tested well in math and been put in the high group (Blink. Blink. "Really? One of our kids?" We're both writers and readers, how is that genetically possible?)

Miss Middler's teacher was just precious. I wanted to write about her tonight because she teaches third grade, the level I love. She's from North Carolina and has a precious Southern accent. She did a great job explaining herself and her class procedures. And then she asked if we had any questions. I asked her something about the spelling tests each week.

And she answered me, "Yes, ma'am." Of course, she said Yes, ma'am to me. I am 38 years old now. With a husband. And 5 kids. And suddenly this feeling welled up inside of me and I wanted to say, "Just know that I was YOU. Just a moment ago. I stood there and I was Miss Fish. And I told all of the parents about my class and how much I enjoyed teaching and how much I was looking forward to the year. And the parents all sat there and smiled and nodded and later told me how much little "Kathleen" loved me and was looking forward to the year, too. And they loved their little people and had big hopes for them just like I do now. But something happened...I was there just a moment ago, then I blinked, and it happened so fast. I became ME. ME...approaching the middle of my life, with these beautiful children of my own, with this wonderful man by my side, with this foreign country all around me. But I was just YOU, saying "Yes, ma'am" to the mommies around me."

But I didn't say all that, I just thought it.

And I must tell you about Sweet Cheeks. She's in K5 now. She's the smallest one in her class with her summer birthday. But she's been made the "caboose" of the line. I saw her the other day. They were taking a walking field trip around the school to learn where all the things are. Her adorable teacher had made SC the caboose of the line, so SC could keep them all straight. Sweet Cheeks straightened the girl in front of her. Then she put the girl's arms at her side. Then she began to tuck the girl's shirt in. I think she's found the right caboose.

We went into Sweet Cheeks' classroom tonight. She had made us a paper. Oh, I was so excited to see it. She had chosen a word off of a list on the board to write on her very own, one word that began with the letter "A."

Look closely.

Angry. She wrote Angry!!! And all her clouds and sun and her person in her illustration are angry. See their red mouths? For Open House night, she chose ANGRY! I laughed so hard I almost cried. And then her precious name at the bottom, with a smiley-face in every letter. Seems she's not angry, she just wanted to write the word!
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Kelley said...

Love it! Every part of it - even down to the "angry!" - maybe my favorite part:) And oh I can so relate to the "I was just YOU" sentiment...I wouldn't trade my NOW for anything this side of Heaven, but I still sit back and wonder sometimes, "WHEN?" did I become this ME? It hasn't been long enough, has it?
Love you and praying for you all:)

Jennifer said...

You just made me cry! I am a former teacher and can remember those open house nights so well. It seems like yesterday but it was more than 10 years ago that I started teaching and now I have been home almost 2 years. Goodness, time flies. I love reading your perspective on open house.

Anonymous said...

What a precious post. This was a Kleenex moment.

"Little Kathleen" did love you and admire you so much. She always referred to you as "My Beautiful Miss Fish." Yes, there was so much ahead for her, as there was for all your students.

Now, you are on that "other side" with your own children loving and admiring the wonderful teachers God chose for them. Through your own eyes you can see the blessing you were so many years ago and why we all loved you so.

I imagine you will make many friends with your children's teachers as I did. You can't help it. The people that God uses to shape their lives are people you never forget. What an awesome calling that is.

I look back over those years and see so clearly the plan that I could only see by faith then. I don't know how to describe this with words other than to say it is one of the special moments of being a mother.

Your little Kathleen's face still lights up with a smile when we talk about you or she looks at your blog and pictures of you and your family. She thinks your children are beautiful and still comments on how pretty you are.

You were a wonderful role model for all your students, and in case I never thanked you for that, let me take this time to thank you now. I think you know how much that meant.


P. S. And I LOVED Eva's picture she drew. I noticed the smiley faces in her name before I read what you wrote. Eva reminds me so much of Karoline . . . They are just themselves and that is precious!

The Fish Family said...

That is too funny. I just laughed at Eva's picture. It's so Eva and I just love it!!!

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