Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Ben's Big Birthday #2 (Part II)

Big Ben got his own happy meal in honor of turning 2. He usually has to split with Sweet Cheeks and then steal from the rest of us, but this time he got his own. I also made a simple yellow cake with chocolate icing. For the boy who hardly talks, he knows exactly what we are saying. I said, "Now you need to blow out your candles!" and he did it. For some reason, he picked his birthday to sport some new looks.

I think I need to start spraying, gelling, moussing, or something. The time of ignoring his hair is over.

We were dying laughing. Everytime we asked him to make a 'mad' look, this is what we got!

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Anonymous said...

Sara, I realized that Ben looks like your Mom!! He smiles like her, I think.

This is a cute post. Splitting Happy Meals reminded me of how I always made my kids share a drink because they wasted way too much when they each had an individual drink. Do you know, that to this day, they still share drinks?? They don't have to, they just do.

Eva and Ben could be doing the same thing someday . . . Going to McD's and splitting their hamburger and fries. :)


Tara G. said...

How cute!! Love the "looking through my head" expressions!

Shannon Whitt said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! I can't believe he's grown so much.

I think he gave me that look once or twice last January. I'm sure I have a picture somewhere that resembles that ;)

Was he born on the 24th or the 25th? My dad's is the 23rd and my cousin's is the 25th!

The Pritchards said...

Oh, my word. Those faces. I love them! He is so handsome and girls are going to give him trouble one day. S

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