Sunday, September 12, 2010

Iyi Bayramlar!

This week we were out of school on Thursday and Friday, part of the four day holiday here that signifies the end of the month of fasting. It's called the "Sugar Holiday." Everyone feasts and eats/gives lots of candy. On one of their days off of school, my two girls and another buddy (Hi, Esther Kim!) headed to a friend's house to deliver something. They got mixed up on which apartment and rang the doorbell of a stranger's house. An old lady answered the door, spread a wide grin and started yelling, "Iyi Bayramlar! Iyi Bayramlar!" (Happy Holidays!) Then she came back and 'forced' them all (I am sure it didn't take much!) to take handfuls of candy. They were quite proud of themselves. And if only you could hear and see their impression of the old lady. They had her shaky voice down pat. Something tells me they may be back again to visit her next year.

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rachel said...

too funny! definitely not something that would happen in the states! :)

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