Sunday, September 19, 2010


Living overseas is such an adventure. It's a scene like this that reminds me not to take things too seriously and to just trust.

This man was apparently selling large rodents...for dinner.

Ghana was beautiful, but CC said what had the most profound impact on him was the children. He walked into their chapel service and heard nearly 200 voices singing, "Our God is an Awesome God." He had to stop and regroup. And then it hit him, he hadn't heard that many children singing praise to God, all at once, since Singapore. We always felt like Singapore was our greenhouse, but we were destined to be planted elsewhere. Still, reminders like that cause us to miss the greenhouse sometimes.

Gretchen took this shot of the four ICS Singapore administrators, past and present. The guy on the left is one of our favorite people in the whole world. When we'd been married only a few months, he sat in our den (in our 50 year old musty apartment in Memphis) and told us about the exotic land of Singapore and how he had a position for Secondary Social Studies teacher and 3rd grade teacher. And then he sat in our den once again, this time on another continent. And that night he said, "The Board unanimously wants you to step in and finish this school year as the new Head Administrator. And by the way, you've got 12 hours to decide." Everybody needs a Steve in their life, one who believes in you and has a history with you.
Though there's always work to do here...there are always more emails waiting when you get back....there's always a bit of exhaustion after a trip. Still, I am glad CC got to go. See that happy grin on his face? He loves what he does, and it shows.


Tara G. said...

People like you and your family are such a blessing and integral part to making other expat tours overseas wonderful! Glad your husband had some male bonding and was refreshed in spirit!

Anonymous said...

He's great at what he does too, and we thank the Lord for him regularly--and for you, who complete him in every way. You are a great team and neither of you would be able to do what you do without each other! :) T B

Anonymous said...

Sara, I relate all the way hearing in your words your love for what you do. That is the way it is when are working in the vocation G means for us to have! How awesome it is to think He spreads His lights (us) around into all corners, all nations . . . It blesses me to see all this through your eyes.


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