Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My New Job

Since hubs runs our school, I have helped in many different roles over the years. He knows me too well. He knows I won't say no to anything except High School Math. I'm trained as an elementary teacher, with third grade being my favorite spot. The first year the school opened I team-taught Pre K and K. Then I worked at the front desk for a time. Then I worked as the Admissions Counselor and Curriculum Gal. Then last year, at the last minute, I was the pinch-hitter for 7th Grade English. (Deep breath, you can do it....then it turned out to be one of the favorite grades I've ever taught. After all, they're just kids who think they are big now.) Then in the Spring, I taught Spanish I. This year, I am teaching Pre K two afternoons per week.

It's challenging. The main challenge is that more than half the class doesn't speak English. Please try to envision me, standing up, throwing my leg up in the air while pointing to my feet, saying very loudly, "Put on your SHOES. SHOES. Put on your SHOES." It sort of looked like an aerobics routine. Maybe I should count it towards my weekly exercise quota. What do you think?


Laurie said...

You are a talented woman!!!!

Tara G. said...

Hilarious, Sara! You ought to have some big picture flashcards to show for those things- I'd hate for you to throw your back out or something! :) I loved teaching middle school- they are such a fun age!!!

KT said...

how fun! I was a preschool teacher for about 14 years. lots of fun:)

Rachel said...

How funny! Wish someone had a hidden camera in your classroom.

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