Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Fall Saturday

I love fall, and it's on the way! Right now the rule of thumb is that we wear short sleeves and long pants OR long sleeves and shorts/capris. It's much cooler in the mornings and at night than the afternoon.

This was a Saturday morning Turkish breakfast.
There's an ongoing debate. I say she has CC's eyes. He says she has mine. (The literal quote was, "She got those cat eyes from you, Sara!") Wherever she got them, she's pure cuteness and turning 10 next month!
And this little guy is holding up his "one," but he is only one for 3 more days!
My two little Turks.
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Tara G. said...

That is so funny- I was totally looking at her eyes before I read the next comments you wrote about them! And I decided that they're your shape and more of your husband's coloring. I even went to the top and hid your hair and stuff to get a good take on it all! ha! I think our 2 yr olds would have a blast together!

Laurie said...

Sara-That picture of you is sooo beautiful! You are still a panther, so the cat eyes are fitting.

Anonymous said...

This post should have been entitled, "What Sara Campbell Loves," because I saw several photos of that, none of fall. :)

I stare at pictures of my kids all the time and you would think that had worn off by now.

As for Annika looking like you or Ross . . . Definitely you but the eyes seem her own. She smiles like your brother. Mary has eyes like you but looks like Ross overall. Ben is a dead ringer for you and the jury is still out on Esther and Eva, though Eva and Ben have expressions alike. I noticed Esther changing looks. They are all beauties and I am sure they resemble Ross somewhere - ha.

That's my vote from seeing pictures. I imagine in person it is easier to see who they favor.


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