Friday, September 3, 2010

Campbells Day Off

We had Monday off of school in honor of Victory Day in Turkey. Sweet Cheeks got invited to play with a friend. Miss Middler got invited for one last summer swim with a Dutch friend (who has a pool membership). So, I took the older two girls and let just the guys stay home. (I think they bonded quite well...CC catching up on work and Big Ben sleeping.)
We decided to go to Ulus, the old part of town. I took the girls to the lamb kebap place for lunch.
These kebaps are seasoned with black pepper and grilled over a fire.
These tomatoes were every bit as good as they look. (See CC? We aren't posing!)
Then we just walked down through the cobblestone streets, lined with Mom and Pop shops. Our main objective was to let Firstborn buy some beads. She is making earrings these days.
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Anonymous said...

Sara, I declare if you don't make everyone wished they lived in Turkey!


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