Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quote of the Year

Sweet Cheeks was asked this week to circle all the "living things" on her toads, plants, people. But she circled a book. Her teacher said, "Now, are you SURE a book is a living thing? Remember what makes something a living thing." Sweet Cheeks said, "But it looks like a Bible. And the Bible is living because God speaks to us through the Bible." Her teacher paused, smiled, and said, "You are EXACTLY right." and didn't count off.

I am not sure if I'll start to forget things when I get old, but I hope I never forget that story or this face.

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Tara G. said...

Oh my word, you totally need to send that in to some magazine!!!!!!!

Deena said...

Precious!!! Good job, Mom! That's a reflection of your teaching.

Anonymous said...

Your Sweet Cheeks has a lot in common with my Tootsie (Karoline), who would have said the same thing. Their hearts are so forthright and honest. They don't know how to give "correct" answers, only honest ones that reflect their thinking!

I remember one time when the teacher asked Karoline what was hotter, the fireplace or the sun? The fireplace was her reply because when she sat close to it, it felt much hotter than the sun ever felt.

Yes, well. She had a point, don't you think? She was counted wrong. :)

Way to go, Eva!


Anonymous said...

Not to mention when what you pour into them, leaks out. :)


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