Friday, June 26, 2009

Re-styling during a Recession

Well, they say the US has a recession on their hands. Two of my middle girls seemed to find a way to turn some old things into something new and fresh. These were two of my mom's skirts, which became adorable halter-style dresses. That tie-up portion of the dress? That is the drawstring for the waist! Go ahead and copy their style if you can find a pretty skirt in your grandma's closet.


Laurie said...

Soooo cute and clever!

Melanie Keffer said...

They are so gorgeous. Makes me wish I had pictures of my girls' dress up days.

Nothing like being at your grandmother's house. I remember well! I didn't play dress up but I loved to wear her clothes . . . Guess that was dress up with a twist. I would wear her "dusters" or house dresses, as some people called them . . . and her shoes! Her and I swapped shoes until the day she died. Hard to believe, huh? She was not an "old" grandmother. She always loved my shoes and I remember one time taking them off and giving them to her and going home barefooted. Of course, that was under much protest but I still remember how much pleasure it was to give Nanny my shoes.

These are times your girls are always going to remember. Food even taste better at the grandparents' house!

You're taking me back in time, Sara! :)


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