Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If I Only Had a Brain!

My first conscious thought after having my first baby was, "I'd give my life for her." I still feel the same way. These 5 punkins have stolen my heart like I never thought imaginable. Having said that, I proceed to say that one very small consequence to carrying these babies is that they have taken a toll on my right leg. I need to get it fixed and am hoping to do so this summer.

Part of the process of "gettin' it fixed" is to submit paperwork, signed statements, ultrasounds, and photos to a doctor, who in turn submits them to my insurance company.

So last night I photographed my 'bad' leg. Then I downloaded (or is it uploaded?) them to my computer. Then I needed to prepare an email with the attached photos to send to the gal in the doctor's office who handles all this.

Just as I got them ready to send, a little box floated across my screen. The box was from smilebox, an email greeting card company. It had picked up my 'new photos' and had a message for me..."New photos have arrived! Why not send a greeting card?" Before I knew it, my bad leg was floating across the screen in a greeting card. My computer needs a brain.

I decided not to send it to you. You're welcome.


Natalie said...

i can't even tell you how heartily i laughed at this post. trying to picture an ecard with a picture of your bad leg on it just made my day. seriously funny!

SevenSwansaswimming said...

Good for you (on getting your leg fixed!) Hope it all goes well. Are you having the laser procedure? I have had it done twice (upper and lower) and am very pleased with the results! The worst part is the support hose for 2 weeks afterwards. Maybe you can send an ecard with the post-procedure leg! :)

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