Friday, June 19, 2009

By Trial and (Syntax) Error

(I thought about NOT uploading a picture for this blog post, but let's face it. My husband is way too handsome for me to write a blog post about him and neglect a perfect opportunity to showcase him.)

I would like to start with a disclaimer. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, Campbell Clansman and I know about computers is by trial and (syntax) error. We both did have computer classes, but they consisted of doing things like programming a cursor (there was no mouse) to follow the arrow keys and draw a turtle. I am serious. There was no email. There were no windows. There was no Internet. Just a black screen with green lines and words like "Go to." I remember using most of the computer class pondering why they chose the apple as opposed to another fruit for the name of all computers. If anyone out there remembers this, console me in the comment section. So. Having said that, I will proceed with the purpose of this post. My sweet sis-in-law gave us an itunes gift certificate. 18 months ago. It has been sitting near our computer for 18 months. But there is nothing like jetting out of your country of residence back to your country of origin to light a fire under you to do those things you need to do. It was time to use it. But how? And therein lies the problem. We had managed to put our cd's on our computer and load them on this wonderful IPOD we were given. I took a deep breath and did that in the winter with the help of the book "IPOD for dummies." But downloading songs from the itunes store? All by myself? It only took me 3 minutes to set up the account and figure out how to click the "buy it" button. Feel free to laugh, all you 20-somethings who read this. At least I know what a 45rpm is.
This is turning into a downward spiral.
My point is this. Campbell Clansman told me that if we get 20 songs free, don't just click click click. Analyze. Choose carefully. And he told me to save him a few. Firstborn and I had a BLAST! We chose all country (clean) and died laughing while dancing to Boot Scootin' Boogie. (I married a prep, but he knew what he was getting into. I warned him I was a country girl.)
When I clicked on "Recent Downloads" to see what he had chosen, I could only say, "Bless his sweet, sweet heart." We left him plenty of downloads left on the gift card, but he only downloaded one when it was his turn. And do you know what it was? Russ Taft, "Take My Hand." And do you know when I last heard that song? The night he proposed to me. He melts me, he really does.

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Melanie Keffer said...

Okay Sara . . . Consider yourself consoled. :)

I have been trying to wean away from reading your blog so much because honestly, I don't have time for the computer and these things can be addictive, don't you agree?

However, this is another favorite post. Perhaps because you are writing about your husband and I am again reminded (When am I not?) of my own. To be honest, I had already been mushing over David because our anniversary is this Sunday on Father's Day and what a great husband and father Dave is. I look at him reading each wrinkle in his face, and each white hair he has left (ha) and still see that blonde-headed hunk I fell in love with 25 years ago.

Another reason I had to respond to this email was my shock, shock and double shock at the fact you like country music. Maybe I got my wires crossed from the time when you used to giggle at my southern gospel. I just "assumed" you weren't a country girl when it came to music. I like you more and more! Ha.

After 23 years of marriage and never leaving our kids with babysitters (really), we are free to take off by ourselves and have an evening out, which is what we are planning this weekend. The kids are quite capable.

David started our dating singing to me and still does. I don't know what he is planning but I do know it is starting with an A&W rootbeer float like we used to get when dating. He wouldn't tell me anything else. :)

Sorry this is so long but thanks for the posts. I have certainly enjoyed them. Almost time for you to come home!!

Have a safe trip.


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