Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thoughts on Summer Time

I am thinking about summer time. We fly 'home' for the summer in 18 days. There are many summer time thoughts buzzing in my head (which is why I am blogging at 11pm).
Here are a few...
a time to say goodbyes, some of them permanent...
..and others just for the summer.
A time to see grandparents...
...and for one grandson, to meet them for the very first time.
A time to see old friends.
A time to dig in attics and see what you find.
A time to deepen a tan and wear a 4th of July t-shirt in a free country.
A time to swim, relax, let little ones fall asleep on me after a hard day's play.
A time to see cousins...the best of friends in my kids' minds.

And, yes, even a time to grieve what has changed since last summer.
But in all of this, I thank God for summer. It is the time I remember anew how much I love those I love, and how much they love me.


rachel said...

when will y'all be in leipers fork? we'll be there from july 12th-17th-hope we won't miss each other?????

GraceYuMommy said...

Enjoy your summer holidays!

Melanie Keffer said...

Goodbye for the summer Sara. I will miss reading your blog from Turkey. One thing I have been learning lately is that things change, nothing stays the same. That is life's cycle. So, not to sound too gooey, but when I think about our year+ of unemployment, I will remember the smiles God sent through your blog in the middle of tears, your dear children's faces, their exploits and my heart's desire to do something for them . . . that keeps being hindered. {One of these days, the Lord willing, I will get to.)

Oh, and it might make you smile to know that instead of country/southern gospel, I now listen to Puccini, Verdi, Strauss, Handel and many others . . . none in English either! I just didn't know what I was missing, did I? :) It rings through my house daily as Karoline prepares for the direction she feels God is leading her.

Who knows where your kids and mine will be the next time we talk. Eighteen days until you come home and twenty-two until Kathleen leaves for France and then Virginia.

Life changes.

Take care Sara and much love to all of you. Enjoy your summer.

Melanie Keffer

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