Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just a great picture

Isn't this cute? China did a lot of babysitting for us this year, especially after Heybet moved to another city in Turkey. She was super. She especially fell for this little guy. She had a special request that he wear his tie to her graduation. I also put him in a white button down and white pants. Ross explained to me, preppy guy that he is, that white pants and a white shirt don't "go." He let it pass last night, but I am sure this summer we'll pick him up a French blue button down and butter cream yellow tie to make those white trousers work better. Ross also said "no clip ons for my son." I asked him how the poor boy would ever wear a tie then, as I haven't a clue how to tie a tie. The answer lies in the new 'elastic tie.' That's right, just slip it around his neck, through his collar, and adjust the elastic to the right tension. He looked smashing, white trousers and all.

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becca said...

David is the same way. No clip ons for our sons.

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