Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Bologna Has a First Name

I have a sweet friend who occasionally gets me treats from the US Base. She asked if I ever wanted anything specific from the clearance/day old rack, to let her know. I said, "anything and everything." This week she got me bologna. I was so excited, it had been so long since I'd even seen it. I said, "Girls! Guess What! We got some bologna!" Silence. Stares. One said, "Maybe I had that once before, I don't remember." Blink. Blink. "Girls! It's lunch meat! And not just that, it's lunch meat that I used to eat when I was a kid!" Then I thought about reading the ingredients to them, but since the first one was "mechanically separated chicken" I thought not. Anyway, today I made them bologna sandwiches for lunch, not just to feed them but to educate them on this important part of American culture. They were so excited. But I didn't just make them plain 'ol bologna sandwiches, I made them JUST like I used to eat them.
One side with ketchup smiley faces.
One side with mustard frowny faces.
My Aunt Ethel made them like this for me every single day. I have absolutely no idea why. My guess is that I came up with the idea, begged her, and so she did it. I loved her. And I also love memories from those happy times.


becca said...

I always ate banana (sliced), bologna, and miracle whip sandwiches. Has to be miracle whip, tastes awful with mayonnaise (though that's what I put on every other type of sandwich I eat). I still eat it on occasion. It's really the only way I want bologna (and I still sing the song in my head to spell bologna). David likes to fry his bologna, b/c of course... that's how he ate it as a child :)

Ms. Morton the teacher said...

Bologna does NOT need ketchup! Mustard is even optional. Mayonnaise is the key, unless of course you are frying it.


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