Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Staff Christmas Party 2014

Friday nights are our date nights. We decided long ago that with 5 kids needing us, we needed to carve out some time together alone. The kids are actually disappointed on the Friday nights we don't go out (hmmm? What are y'all doing when we are gone?). Even though we would not have much time to go out in December due to scheduling conflicts, CC asked me to grab a late night pizza and coffee with him after the girls' concert. I forced him to get this selfie with me!

The next night, Saturday, we hosted our staff and spouses for a Christmas party. It is truly a highlight for us to get to do this!

I pulled a fast one at the end. We did the gift exchange with the numbers. I drew number 1, so I got to be the last to steal. This gal tried to be sneaky and bring this hand-made gingerbread man (with our Secondary principal's face on it) along with a bag of coffee for her gift. I had chosen her package, and of course, no one wanted to steal what I got! The last play of the game was that I stole HER gift, leaving her with exactly what she brought. It was pretty funny!

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