Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas at the Mall

It is SUCH a far cry here in our city compared to when we arrived in 2003. We could not find a Christmas tree for anything. Finally, a few days before Christmas, we secured one that year. The decorations were the kind you'd find at Dollar Tree. In fact, I think Dollar Tree would have done better. They use the trees to celebrate "New Year's Day" rather than Christmas. CC and I always chuckle that we think everyone secretly wants to celebrate Christmas but just can't bring themselves to admit it.

But now?! Christmas is HUGE here. We hear carols piped in the stores, and every mall is decorated. I love to hear music that honor Jesus and am always reminded that "the rocks and trees will cry out" if He is not praised. Indeed!

T and I dropped our little 'uns off at a birthday party, then took these girls, buddies since birth, around the corner to the mall. They enjoyed being the "only child" for a few hours.

Look at that tree!!!

Christmas selfie with my buddy...she's so young. And cute. I am sure everyone thinks I am her babysitter. Or mother.

I will admit I was a little weirded out by the mechanical Santa. I was never quite sure what that hand in the air was going to do.

Chestnuts the glass elevator.

After a few fun shots, we went into Starbucks as a foursome. T and I caught up on each other's weekly prayer requests. The girls drank their Christmas drinks down, then sent us text messages across the table. I've got some friends here that are more like sisters.

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