Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Basketball Match

Just on the heels of all our December excitement and activity, we threw in a basketball game! This was not a tournament, just a friendly match with the Department of Defense School.

The girls' team is much bigger this year, and neither of my girls knew if they were starting or not. They faithfully came to every practice and have learned so much! Sure enough, coach put them both in to start.

Firstborn did the tipoff and snagged it.

And then the little stinker made 10 of our team's 15 points! And her sis made 4 of them! Yes, I was screaming my head off.

And so were the cute little cheerleaders beside me!

Twinkle stole the ball multiple times. That's her ace in the hole.

And after many years of trying to get a basketball program up and running and still not even having our own gym, it sure was nice to beat the pants off of 'em!

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