Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Soccer Finale

We let Miss Middler and Big Ben play soccer at the military base this Fall. Though we missed our Saturday morning Turkish breakfasts as family, we really enjoyed seeing them play. This was the first time either of them had been on a soccer team.

Miss Middler is just naturally good at most everything! She quickly learned skills and took her coach's advice. Her team advanced through playoffs and won!

Big Ben was up and at 'em with his shin guards on every Saturday before I was even out of bed. He was very into the sport and played aggressively.

As we glanced around, most of the soccer moms/dads were younger than us. But none more handsome than this one.

Here's Miss Middler with her coach, who is the head of security for the Embassy. He is also one of our school dads. He has this big, deep voice that can be heard from all over the field, but a big heart that is willing to take kids who have not played before, teach them, and get them on the field to see them succeed.

After the tournament games, the kids waited in the van and took a few selfies.

Great job, lil' soccer pros! 

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