Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Morn in Turkey

We are flying out this afternoon to Israel!!! It's a dream come true for me! One of the advantages of living here is a a cheap flight to Israel and only 3 hours by plane.

So we celebrated the morning of Christmas Eve. First, stockings!

Then, Christmas breakfast. Pardon the non-fancy dishes. Kept things simple this year, knowing we'd be leaving this afternoon. Coffee (with American creamers!), sausage and egg casserole, cheese grits, cinnamon rolls, and cut fruit.

By far my favorite find this year for the kids for Christmas were these cups. I met a man who lives in a village outside of Ankara. For $3 each, he sold me the glass mug and engraved it for them. For the older 3 girls, I put their English name on one said, and their Turkish name on the other. (Firstborn is Meryem (Mary in the Turkish Bible), Twinkle is Latife (which means "grace" in Turkish just like her English name), and Miss Middler is Yildiz (which means "star" just like her English name). So fun! Sweet Cheeks and Big Ben got one, too. I got one for CC that says "Papa" and one of me that says, "Mama." I planned to get "Sara," but the 2 girls with me said they wanted it to say, "Mama." I had to laugh...Papa and Mama, we look like Hillbillies!

This was our birthday cake for Jesus. Three candles for the Trinity.

And then we opened gifts. Things were simple this year, as we are taking a bigger trip than we normally do, but everyone was just as happy.

CC never wants anything. ANYTHING. But I did get him an Oasis sweatshirt. And this morning I woke up early and used my blueberries (not sold here...they were gifted to me) to make him some IHOP blueberry syrup. He was pretty excited.

A fun morning with the people I love!

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Melanie Keffer said...

Sweet Sara . . . How exciting!! By all means I would take advantage if where I lived to see everything!

I loved so many posts at once . . . Maybe Ross should fly you to Israel more often! I loved Bens picture with Yoda and I loved the non-fancy dishes . . . I laughed thinking her pot looks as bad as mine! I keep thinking I need to throw out my "ugly" pots but the ugly ones usually cook the best, don't they?

Out of all those posts, that is what I got . . . Oh, and I lived the girls' monogrammed ball caps and pictures of Eva!! I keep trying to figure out who she looks like!

There you go. I hope you are having a wonderful time . . . I miss the days of taking the kids on a road trip, although we are tentatively planning Alaska next year . . . (Fingers crossed no one is married yet.)

Love you all . . . Am still inspired by that camera and have my eye on one thanks to Ross!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!

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