Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Carol

I have loved teaching 7th Grade English. These are the sweetest kids. They thank me after class. They are so receptive to instruction. I just don't think there could be a sweeter class.

Our literature book contains the play version of A Christmas Carol by Dickens. Rather than just read it, we performed a readers' theater and invited the elementary. On the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas break, pretty much every elementary teacher was more than happy to bring their squirmy kids to a play.

Miss Middler was the Ghost of Christmas Present, here dialoguing with Mr. Scrooge.

We threw a few tricks into our play, though we did not have a stage or lighting capabilities. We brought our battery operated candles from home that can click on. Here she is sprinkling some glitter on them to light them!

Marley became more ghostly with some white face powder and some lines. CC's clothes added the final touch, though CC had to question when he got home how I thought his clothes could outfit an old dead man.

The Phantom was made complete with one of my thin infinity scarves!

The kids did a great job! Whew! Now it's time for Christmas break!

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