Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Happy 18th Anniversary To Us!

On November 16, we hit our 18th anniversary! Anyone reading this blog out there that remembers that day? Windy and wonderful! Best day of my life when I said, "I do."

We went out for our anniversary, happy that we can leave 5 kids at home without worries! (In case you are wondering, CC likes my hair curly. So for this anniversary date, I look like a frizz head.)

We went to Teppanyaki and had the meal cooked right on the grill in front of us. It was fun and delicious. CC was amazed at how they cook it and keep it all moving. I was amazed at how they clean their stovetop between each course!
We then went to the mall to pick out new bedding. We moved to Turkey 11 years ago and bought fabric for a bedspread and curtains when we got here. We've used it ever since. A blogpost coming up will show you the before/after of our bedroom.

Here's to many more years !

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