Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Presenting the Christmas Story

We have the amazing privilege of presenting the Christmas story to any students who are given permission to hear it. I was asked to help with the upper elementary's story time. Here are the sweet kids, eager to listen.
 We tell the full story!

I took this sweet girl's picture. She's now in third grade and has been at our school since K4. This was her first year to get to come. She was reading the words on the screen and singing along.

The fourth grade students who are in the afterschool Bible club put on a little reading/play to explain the story.

Sweet Cheeks was a shepherd.

This little guy is from Palestine. It's his first year to come, too. He's just moved away this past week. But he heard! He heard!

This is the sort of thing that makes Christmas magical for us!

And yes, I've bombarded you with 4 posts today, but I've got to get this blog caught up because I am leaving on a jet plane in 2 hours!!! Going to Israel, MY DREAM!!!

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