Saturday, July 28, 2012

Town Square

While the middle girls were at camp, CC's sister ("Aunt Boo") had a great idea...the big girls could all spend a day at the Collierville Town Square. We walked around and browsed shops, then stopped for lunch. Doesn't Firstborn's salad look yum?

Three beautiful girls: Aunt Boo, Firstborn, and Mimi. My question to all three is, "How do you get your hair to look so good in this humidity?" I feel like I've been growing a new species of tree on my head all summer.
Firstborn found a pillow she'd like to try to make, so we took a picture.

And I kept finding things CC could make, so I took several pictures. We did a lot of Christmas shopping. Yes, in July. It all gets sent in our luggage, so we knock it out early. It was a great day of fun!


Tara G. said...

Check on humidity wreaking havoc on my hair! I shop early, too- looks like a super fun outing!!!

Angie said...

Those owl pillows are so cute. Make sure if she does make one to post pics.

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