Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out on the Lake

My big brother took us out on the lake. The kids popped right up on all the lake equipment.

 I took this picture while she was saying, "You are going to put this on your blog, are you?" As my dad put it, at her age we are the most beautiful we'll ever be, we just don't realize it at the time.
 Yum. And some of us only get more beautiful.
 They make all this look so easy.

 And then even Grandma got on the innertube. She had just hollered something like, "If you speed that boat up while I'm on this thing, that'll be the last hot meal you ever get at my house!" We are proud of you, Grandma! You rock!


Angie said...

Way to go Grandma!

Rachel said...

Way to go Grandma! I'm pretty sure my mom would never do that.

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